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Al Casalicchio

Bed and Breakfast

Cozy and Charming rooms

In a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere, the rooms are decorated in line with the building´s feature. They´re equipped with every comfort and private bathroom. Ideal for a business trip, for the couple or the whole family.

Relax in a beautiful contest

The perfect place to relax, even on hot and chaotic summer days: `` At Casalicchio`` is nestled among the green cool Cilento hills, in a small village, not far from the beautiful Palinuro beaches.

Enjoy country side activities

We are equipped to accommodate lovers of outdoor activities, but also organized to offer a new experience to those who want to try for the first time one of the many activities that our area allows us to do.

Double room -Cicoria €120per night

Its location, on the first floor, has a direct access to the main entry. Cozy and bright, it´s ideal for those who want the ultimate in privacy, while retaining...

Matrimoniale -Ginestra €50notte

Camera bella ed elegante posizionata al primo piano, ma anche molto pratica essendo collegata in modo diretto alla sala “Primula” e al giardino “Granato”. La camera Ginestra è dotata...

Matrimoniale -Corbezzolo €50notte

E’ una camera con ingresso indipendente, alla quale si accede tramite una scalinata esterna. Il pianerottolo esterno, durante le belle giornate calde, si trasforma in un terrazzino dove rilassarsi...

Family room -Lentisco €90Per night

This room is committed to meet multiple needs: convenient because the entrance, while being completely independent, is located next to the main entrance so close to the living area,...

Other stuff you may consider

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  • Palinuro

    ``Perla del Cilento``, ``Cilento´s Pearl``, well-known for its beautiful beaches marked with a thousand shades of colors and crystal-clear sea. Palinuro rises from a fascinating promontory, covered with Mediterranean vegetation and endemic flora, with lot of emerged and submerged caves to visit. Just a simple walk to live again its long history of ancient buildings and archaeological areas.

  • Cilento

    A wide area that stretches from south of Salerno up to the borders with Basilicata composed of: blue sea, green hills and unspoilt mountains with small villages rich in traditions, history, culture and gastronomy. A fascinating land full of beauty to discover and rediscover all year round.

  • Attività outdoor

    We can offer you at any time of the year a different selection of outdoor innovative, athletic, adventurous and scenic activities. Experiences for those who love to escape into nature, in large spaces, surrounded by fauna and flora, by the beauty of the breath-taking landscapes .

  • Tipicità

    Cilento cuisine is made of dishes prepared according to old recipes handed down through the centuries from father to son in respect of the products and processes of the past. Always "clean and healthy", that is respectful of the environment and ecosystems, it prefers fresh or seasonal and native products, that make up the "Mediterranean diet."

The Cilento National Park is:
- The BIGGEST protected area IN ITALY with 700 miles² of land and 35 miles² of marine areas.
- The MOST VISITED Park OF ITALY with over 5 million visitors.
- The FIRST Italian National Park to become GEOPARK.
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"Al Casalicchio"

The structure was open to guests by the owners desire to bring back to life the abandoned family farmhouse built at the end of '800 and inhabited until the 60's. Surrounded by green, is immerged in Cilento National Park, and thanks to its strategic location, makes happy both sea and mountain lovers, who wish to visit the neverending Cilento´s beauties.


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